Click, watch and read, why and how the kids in our programs have so much fun learning

Warning: the following content may make you smile. After all, the children in our life-changing programs are laughing and joyful for a very good reason...




Right To Play: A Short Film

​This version of director Frank Marshall's documentary for ESPN Films, highlights our work​.



Right To Play USA: Who We Are

​Watch this short overview of Right To Play in the United States.



International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

​On April 6, 2014, we celebrated another important 'first' in the Sport for Development and Peace movement.



Play at the Core

​Right To Play's signature methodology is being implemented in New York City through Play at the Core, our play-based early learning program.



Thank You! One Million Children Reached

​We're reaching one million children in our weekly activities! A big thank you to our supporters. 



2012 Year in Review

We hit a milestone in 2012: reaching one million children around the world in our weekly play-based programs.



No Barriers to Play

​Colin isn't just one of 35 deaf students in Uganda's Oruchinga refugee camp, he's a voice for how sport and play changed his life.



Financial Fitness Challenge

In 2011, MasterCard Worldwide helps facilitate financial educational games and play in Thai schools.



LifeStraws® World Water Day Project in Peru

Vestergaard Frandsen provides San Mateo, Peru with LifeStraws® self-contained, water filtration.



Child Protection

Our Child Protection Debate Club in Uganda enables children to gain the confidence they need to stand up for their rights.



Moving Mountains!

Watch as one community literally moves a mountain to ensure their children have a safe place to play.



Right To Play PSA

"A child that does not play is like a drum that does not sound." Discover how sport and play changes lives...​​​​​​​​​​​