Health Practices

By teaching important health lessons in a fun way, we help children learn the facts that can s​ave their lives   

Millions of children worldwide are dying from preventable causes. Through regular, health-focused play activities, we can give kids the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to stay healthy. Our Coaches are trained to create safe, supportive environments where kids can talk openly about the important health topics that affect them like HIV and AIDS, malaria, sexual and reproductive health, and hygiene.

Learning the truth about their health and the diseases that affect their communities empowers children to stand up against misinformation and negative stigmas. They develop respect for themselves and their bodies and practice tolerance and empathy towards others.

Hygiene and Sanitation: More than two million children are dying each year from preventable hygiene and sanitation-related causes, so an activity that teaches the importance of washing your hands properly through a relay race, will not only make kids smile, but just might save their lives.

Malaria: In a game of Mosquito Tag, children chased by "mosquitoes" have to stand in one place if they're tagged and act out the symptoms of malaria until a "doctor" can help them. Not only is it fun, it also teaches them how to recognize and react to the symptoms of a disease that is killing one child a minute in Africa.

HIV and AIDS: When it comes to more taboo topics like how HIV is spread and the importance of correct condom use, youth in our programs find a safe environment where games and Coach-led discussions can break the ice and open up life-saving conversations about sexual and reproductive health.

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We train local teachers and community leaders to make education fun so that kids are excited to learn and are engaged in their lessons.

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​The joy of play transcends​ ethnic, cultural and historical divides. When children play together, they learn skills to live peacefully.

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